Thursday, December 8, 2011

TeamViewer – Latest favorite in remote support software


So once again, being the “computer guy” for friends, family, and all their friends has led me to need to remote into someone’s computer. I decided to give TeamViewer a try and I really liked it.


1) Simple and quick: no creating accounts. It creates a unique id for each install and a unique one-time password for each session. They read me the numbers over the phone, and I am in.

2) Can run the program without installing it – so I can keep it on a thumb drive or… link to it from my blog and don’t even have to install it (need admin rights though)

3) Special (lighter) app for “customer.” Doesn’t require installation, and doesn’t even require admin rights…

4) Free for non-commercial use

Now for the links:

Full Installer (ideal for the technician)

Light App (ideal for customer)

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